Thursday, January 14, 2010

When Mommy Gets Her Butt Kicked

Here he is, eating my phone

I love the J-man.

Love him.

But he is kicking my booty six ways to Sunday.

Limits: Pushed.

Patience: Tested

Now, I believe that the J-man is experiencing some serious brain growth. He has realized the communication is probably pretty darn important and that.. basically... he sucks at it. So he is frustrated. Impatient. And he is two..nearly three... and thus his favorite activity is doing whatever he wants whenever he wants, especially if mommy doesn't want it.

Ah, finally.... something normal.

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Kj said...

Oh my! I so remember "that" time with my son. You describe it so well -- and with good humor too. Major kudos for the humor in such a trying time.

I've found when my son plays up more, his brain is, IMO, going through a growth spurt because major playing up part usually precedes major growth spurt ;-)


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