Friday, January 8, 2010

Optimism & Hope

Some people might say daycare is a bad thing.

I say daycare has been Jonathan's lifesaver.

He loves it. LOVES it. He has evolved from this anxious, unsure child to this confident, excited, social boy. He walks in, goes to his locker and willingly takes off his coat and hat. Puts them away, by himself. Walks with me, hand in hand, to his room and knocks ever-so-gently on the door. We go in and he turns to me, gives me a hug and a kiss, and pushes me out while closing the door in my face. Yeah, mom... don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.

He joins in classroom activities willingly and joyfully. The other children in the room apparently love him. I am told that there are a few children who are particularly interested in him, will pull him to activities and try and engage him. The amount of things he has learned is utterly amazing. I believe that... for the J-man... being with peers who engage him, whom he can model after, learn from, and enjoy has made a huge difference.

His mouth is moving. And moving and moving. He is starting to imitate sounds...sounds I and hubby make, others make, even things on the TV. He is trying words. Mostly, he gets the first sound in the word, but he is making so many more attempts. It is encouraging. He still doesn't always try to use sounds or words to communicate his wants, needs or thoughts, but the fact we are hearing more noise out of him... aaaahhhhh, heaven.

I am not sure, but we might have had the best IEP meeting ever last month. Definitely, the bar was set very high for every subsequent meeting we have. We made the decision to continue to get the special education services at Jack & Jill Child Care instead of moving him into the district classroom, and it is the best decision we have made so far. The center had TWO staff in attendance at the meeting and they were completely willing to work with Jonathan on his goals. The district folks were wonderful, and we came up with a plan that I think truly addresses what needs to be the focus for Jonathan right now. I am just thrilled with the way things are going...

To add to it all, we are starting new speech therapy next week. We decided to go back to Associated Speech with Janet Jacobs, and they were willing to take us on. She is advocating a different approach with the J-man, and while I am not sure what that will look like, I am optimistic about what we might gain.

Next week will be a tremendous week for the J-man. In addition to starting his new speech therapy, he is also moving into the preschool room at Jack & Jill. With the big kids! I am nervous but extremely optimistic. I think he will love it. And I think that we will start to see even bigger and better things down the road.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence. -- Helen Keller

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j* said...

My little guy has apraxia and an autism diagnosis. I laughed when I read your entry because one of the first ways we got DS to say "bye bye" was to drop him off at preschool 2x a week. We would get to the room, he would look around and smile and then would turn to us, give us rare sparkling eye-contact and if I wasn't moving fast enough he'd say "BYE!!" and then the little shove to the door. My heart's breaking a little, he's aging out of that program and we'll be homeschooling starting in June.


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