Saturday, January 23, 2010

Into the Warm

We have not left you, dear readers.

We have flown the coop and are "snowbirding" (for a long weekend at least) in lovely Arizona. My parents, bless them, have fled the cold white winter north to warmer climes for the month, and we are completely using them for the weekend so we, too, can get warm. Too bad for us that we came down during a cold weekend in AZ! Ok, 55 F isn't bad, compaired to the great white north... but it isn't balmy either. Ah well, J-man loves to run outside at least! And we have hopes of 60's before we leave.

Sadly, both the J-man and I have wicked colds. Why oh why, always on vacation?!?! Of course, it isn't holding HIM back. He wants to go OU OU OU.

Stay tuned! Many delightful details of our adventures to come!!

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