Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Little Curious

We have HBO.

I know, I know. No one needs HBO. Unless you are addicted to True Blood or The Pacific.

We got HBO when we moved because it came free as a part of the introductory cable package, and sometime this summer it might be time to let it go. But in the meantime it feeds my hubby's True Blood addiction.

Ok, so on HBO there is this show called "A Little Curious". Here is the description from the HBO website:

"A Little Curious" is a fast-paced mix of animation and live-action vignettes, focusing on three concepts to be treated in many different ways, exploring the different possible meanings of these concepts. For example, in one edition titled "Loud, Soft, Shake," the concept "soft" could mean a comfy blanket, a gentle whisper -- or an old sofie like "Doris the Door" fondly remembering her childhood on a stoop in Brooklyn. "A Little Curious" allows preschoolers to explore the humor and delight in all the meanings of these concepts, broadening their vocabulary and deepening their understanding of the world around them.

J-man loves this show. The music is jazzy, the action fun, lots of singing and general silliness. He loves it.

We have a few episodes recorded, and my hubby called me at work to tell me this story. Apparently, they were snuggling on the sofa watching one episode in which the concept word was "Tight". In one scene, Mop is tucking Bob the Ball, Little Cup, and the Shoe Girls into bed. ( I didn't say the show made sense ) As she is tucking them in, she tucks each one "tight tight tight". At the moment, J-man grabs my hubby's arm and wraps it around him, saying "tigh, tigh tigh".

Awwww.... cute right?

Oh it gets better. About an hour later, at bedtime, my hubby is laying the J-man down. J-man pulls on his hand to bring him down and says "tiss" (kiss). Daddy gives him his kiss. And then he pulls him down again and says "tigh, tigh, tigh".

He wanted him to tuck him in!!!!

Tight Tight Tight!!

I know!!!! To take that concept, keep it in his brain, say the words, and use it in context!!!! After only one viewing.

God, I just love him.


Crystal said...

very cool! and, cute, too!

Heidi said...

That is awesome! As an SLP I get goosebumps when things like that happen! It's wonderful to see those connections being made. Sounds like a great show. Since I don't have HBO I'm going to look to see if I can get it on DVD. I would love to recommend it to my clients!

Pia said...

Heidi-- I would check the HBO store website. It is a really great show! :)


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