Sunday, April 18, 2010

What is a Kiss Storm?

No, not the Kiss

Actually, closer to this Kiss:

(I wish I could take a picture of J-man doing this!)

So, another good day in orbit of my J-man.  After his bath and jammies, we were hanging out in the bedroom watching Goodnight Moon & Other Tales (another wicked HBO kids show).  He decided in the middle of it to give me a kiss.... or as he says, 'tiss'.  And another.  And another.  I lost count at eight.  He grabbed my cheeks and planted wet one after wet one.  He would pause, say 'tiss', sign kiss, and then plant another one on my pucker. 

He learned this from me.  I often barrage him with kiss storms, covering his little cheeks with kisses.  I knew it would payoff eventually.


The Empress said...

A for adorable!!!

Cecilia said...

This made my heart melt!! little boy used to give me those "kiss storms" he says, "I hate kisses!" Enjoy them!!


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