Monday, April 5, 2010

Puzzle Man

Our camera has this video function that I never was able to figure out. 

But I think I got it now.

So here is a video of the J-man finishing up a new puzzle.  It is a 48 piece SpongeBob SquarePants puzzle.  Note the "tongue of pride" that comes out at the end. 

Yeah, be impressed. 


Crystal said...

I love it! That's so awesome - I think it's so cool how you can see his little gears turning about which piece fits where. Way to go, dude!

Kj said...

Hi there -- I came here from the forum...

Your son is so cute! Pia -- you are doing an amazingly wonderful job.

Standing from here, your son is clearly a bright little one and understands a fair amount of things which are important to him.

So glad you found the board to bounce ideas off. Hope you continue to find it the support it has been for you.

K (aka thritytoes....)

Anonymous said...

I just saw your note inviting me here from the hopeful parents site. Thanks so much.



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