Friday, April 9, 2010

Angry. So very very ANGRY

It has been a while since GEMM has been out, fiery head and all.

But congratulations to Family Speech & Therapy Services in Andover, MN. You have managed to wake her up and piss her off. Me too. My husband too.

For those of you who don't recall our previous issues with Family Speech, you can refresh your memory here and here.

And so, we thought that chapter was closed?

Oh no, think again!

Today, we got a bill for $90. For 2 days missed at the end of December during J-man's period of green-snot sinus infection (it is now APRIL). It was this illness, and subsequent inability to reschedule appointments with any ease, that led us to quit Family Speech. Now, I had discussed the issue of the first day with the Director and she had agreed to "let us slide". The second day we did manage to reschedule one day with the OT, but the speech options were lean (given the holidays) and the fact there were only 2 days in a week we could make up the sessions (they are not even open on Fridays). AND J-man already had preschool those 2 days, which meant there was only a few hours in the evening that we could schedule. No openings, however. The ABSURD nature of this policy led us to quit Family Speech in Andover. Their business is NOT family-friendly at all.

ANGRY. So very very very ANGRY.

So let me make this clear, Family Speech in Andover. We are not going to pay. EVER. And I am going to make it my mission to let everyone I know about your absurd policy. I will also make it a point to let them know the multitude of OTHER LOCAL AGENCIES they can go to get speech and OT services that do NOT have a crazy-ass policy and completely non-family-friendly business model.

Here is the list I have complied so far:

1) Associated Speech in Arden Hills, MN (our new speech home... and he makes progress here!)
2) Kid Abilities in Shoreview, MN
3) St David's Child Development in New Hope and Minnetonka, MN
4) Kenny Kids in Coon Rapids, MN
5) Children's Therapy Services in Maple Grove, MN
This is only 5 of the multitude of other places.
Give these places your business. Or others who are reasonable, who care about families.

And Family Speech, if you don't think word of mouth matters, think again.

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