Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ever since I can remember, I have smothered Jonathan with kisses. Kiss showers, kiss storms... I'd rain kisses all over him. As a baby he'd giggle or squeal. As a toddler he'd giggle, laugh, squeal, or just tolerate it (as most toddlers do). However, he never kissed me back.

Today, Jonathan kissed me.

For months and months and months I have uttered the request "Give mama kisses!" with a big pucker-up face. Usually the response was a grin and to run away... prelude to a Kiss Storm. Recently, he started leaning his cheek into my lips... submitting to the kisses, tolerant of mom's need for the smooching. Today, ever so slowly... drool dripping from his slimy chin.... his chubby little lips met mine. I was so surprised that my face completely lit up, which resulting in his face completely lighting up with surprise at what he had done, and much hugging and kiss storming commenced.

Who needs words? I got kisses...



Anonymous said...

i just got choked up reading so happy you got your kisses and i hope you get some good news or at the very least some clues thinking of you guys..

Kim Menne said...

Kisses are worth a thousand words. What a special day!!! You will never forget it. I am so happy for you and Jonathan.

Tahna said...

ahh! LOVE the kisses! I bet that made your whole year :)


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