Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the Reason...???

Is this the reason for Jonathan's speech delay???

Today was MRI/EEG day. And a long day it was. I must admit, I think it went a lot better than I thought it would. I am also quite sure Dan would disagree with me. Dan was stressed. He has a very hard time seeing Jonathan upset. I do too... but I guess I have a little more tolerance for it.
The EEG was the worst part for me. He needed to be 'sleep deprived', so I woke him up at 4am. I am not a morning person, to be sure. He recovered well enough. But Jonathan HATES his head being touched. Especially by strangers. And for some strange reason, the marking, prep, and placement of 26 EEG leads on his head was just not his cup of tea! Go figure. I must have packed up about 2 bagfuls of toys.... sensory box of beans with animals, a vibrating cow, easter eggs with prizes in them, etc etc etc. Anything that I thought might distract him. And it worked... sort of. Mostly, he cried and fought the lead application process. But once that was over he actually did calm down, played a little, and eventually fell asleep. The EEG tech said it was a "good session", although she would not tell us if she saw anything. We have to wait until the DR sees it.
The MRI was the worse part for Dan. The plan was to use gas sedation to put Jonathan under, and then they would start his IV, draw labs, and do the MRI with sedation. Dan wanted to hold him during the initial gas sedation. It went well. Jonathan went out like a light. But, if you have never seen that kind of sedation it can be disturbing. Jonathan went from wiggling and fighting to his eyes rolling back in his head, going totally limp. We laid him down on the table and then needed to give our good-byes and wait in the waiting room. So NOT what Dan wanted to do. It was scary... while our mind tells us everything is ok, the heart says NO NO NO. It was tough. But by this evening Jonathan is back to his normal, happy self. We are a bit tired but relieved it is over.
Now the waiting begins. We should hear SOMETHING by Friday, but what we will hear is still unknown. I think it will be fine, but who knows. In the meantime, it is snowing and cold. I have to go grocery shopping. Life goes on.


Tahna said...

I was thinking about you guys today. Glad that's over with!

Tahna (turtle79)

Crystal said...

I'm glad testing day is over. I was thinking about you guys last night. Hope you hear from the doctors soon.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a tought day, glad it is over, good luck on the results


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