Saturday, March 14, 2009

No News is No News

6 months old
Ok, just a quick update for all you loyal friends dying to know what we found out from the MRI and EEG.

Well, let me just start on Tuesday...

When we left the hospital we were told that the results should be back by Friday, and that someone would be calling us with those results. Of course, I couldn't wait until Friday... so, being "that mom", I called on Wednesday and asked them if anything was back yet and... if not... when? I spoke to "Kelly" (our MD's nurse) and she checked his records and said that the MRI results were back and they were.... tadadaDA: NORMAL.

HOORAY FOR NORMAL! Normal means no major brain tumors. Or small ones. No malformations or head bleads or strokes! YEAH NORMAL!

Alas, the EEG results were not back yet, but she said we should know something by Friday. Ok, I can wait until Friday. We had a NORMAL looking MRI.... that should pacify me until Friday!

So on Friday I carried my cell phone everywhere, even to the bathroom. Now, Friday was a busy day. ECFE in the morning with Jonathan, cleaning my house because my mom was coming over to babysit, and I had to take my hubby to get his renal stent removed that afternoon. So the first moment I had to really call them... because I couldn't wait anymore... was 2pm as I was drving my hubby to the hospital. Here is how this conversation went:

B: Hello, Gillette Burnsville. This is Bethany.

Me: Hello Bethany. My name is Pia and my son is Jonathan P and he had an EEG and MRI on Tuesday. We were told that we would get those results by today. Can we talk to whomever can get those for us?

B: There are no nurses here to give you that information today. You will need to call back next week.

** Note: Bethany's voice was about as indifferent and politely robotic as could be. Cold would be a warm description of her voice.

Me: You are telling me that there are no nurses there at all? At the clinic?

B: Yes mam.

Me: But I was specifically told that we would be getting these results today.

B: There is no one here to give you those results.

Me: How can there be NO NURSES at a clinic??

B: The morning nurse left at noon.

Me: Why didn't she call me then??? Why would I be told we would find out on Friday if no one works on Friday?

B: I don't know mam. You will have to call back next week.

**At this point, my head exploded. In my mind I reached through the phone and strangled poor, emotionally cold and defective Bethany with my bare hands. In my defense, she was delivering me this news like I somehow was upset that my cable wouldn't be hooked up until next week... not like I was having to wait to find out if my 2 year old son was having seizures.

Me: Well, gee, thanks for all of your fine help (insert sarcasm). I can't wait to talk to you Monday.

So, hopefully Monday we will also hear the words normal. If not, I might have to drive to Burnsville to have a little "chat" with Bethany.



Tahna said...

yeah, they really don't care, honestly. It's all routine to them, and it's not THEIR two-year-old so it doesn't matter to them at all that you have to wait all weekend.
SO glad about the MRI being normal though, that's great news! Yay! Hopefully, the EEG was normal as well.
It's so good to KNOW the MRI is normal, now that it's done. You can rule out some things.

Crystal said...

Ugh, how frustrating. I'm glad the MRI came back normal!

Anonymous said...

ugg that is very frustrating! they don't realize that you can't rest/sleep/breathe until you get some answers and to wait the entire weekend! gahhhh...

good news about the mri though..fingers crossed..


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