Monday, March 9, 2009

Three Pans of Brownies

So I am making three pans of brownies.

Why, you might ask... aside from the chocolatey-goodness that my brownies offer... am I making three pans of brownies?

Therein lies the story of our weekend.
I must admit I was heartily looking forward to the weekend. It was my weekend to work. Twelve hour shifts, both Saturday and Sunday, from 7am to 7pm. Twelve hours in the NICU, with my work friends and adult conversation and a break from being mommy for a while. Usually, I am totally willing to give up some shifts... I'd rather be home... but having been off for well over a week, I was ready to be at work for a few days.

So when I arrived at work on Saturday morning, I was in a good mood. Even my 'heavy' assignment of three patients (two of them to be discharged... which is a lot of work teaching) didn't tamper my mood. I wanted to be busy! (Side note: I did find this strange, since our unit is very slow and canceling nurses left and right... hmmm). Anyway, as I was getting into gear... swinging into action.... I get the PhoneCall. Dan calls me, in obvious pain, vomiting, and says he need to go to the ER again for his kidney stone. I can hear the little man in the background giggling and laughing as Dan is puking.

My reaction (at least inside my head) is not that empathic. I'll admit it... I was a little pissed. But whatca gonna do? Kidney stones are known for being CRAZY PAINFUL. And as much I would like to be, I am not a completely heartless bitch. So, I told him I will make some arrangements and be home as soon as I can.

Brownie Pan #1 goes to our neighbors Darcy and Justin. I called them immediately after getting off with Dan and asked Justin (who was home alone) if he would mind terribly going and getting Jonathan until I could get home. Somehow I figured Dan wasn't able to be Daddy very well at the moment. More than willing, they came to our Jonathan's rescue!

Brownie Pan #2 goes to Barb, our other neighbor and phone call #2. She took my puking and in pain hubby to the ER (Dan had said he would drive himself!!! CRAZY MAN!). So, for him and all the other people on the road, we thank her.

Unfortunately, at my job, it can be a bit of a trick to get home. But eventually I managed to get out of there (after finishing one discharge.... can you believe it?) and collected my very distraught boy. My parents were able to come up and babysit Jonathan while I spent the rest of the day at the hospital with Dan. I made them brownies that day (along with dinner). Poor guy ended up with a renal stent! He felt rough. And, unfortunately, he has to go back on Friday and have it removed.. along with the stone. To top the weekend off, I developed a sinus and ear infection. We were a household of wreaks.

That third pan of Brownies? That goes to us. Heck, I figure after this weekend, and the MRI/EEG tommorrow, and the renal stent removal on Friday.... we deserve the chocolatey goodness.

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rebecca haas said...

Pia! I just read some of your most recent blogs (learned about it through FB) and see that today is Jonathan's MRI, EEG, etc. I'm thinking about you all and can't imagine what today must feel like. Please let me know if I can ever watch Jonathan for you. I know how hard it is to find babysitters, especially at the last minute, and so my offer is SERIOUS. Let me know if I can help!


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