Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nothing stays gold, Ponyboy

Yesterday we got an interesting letter in the mail.

Our private speech and OT services are provided by an agency I use to work for many years ago. One of the reasons we started Jonathan there was because we could get him evaluated quickly. We stayed because we really liked our speech therapist, Katy. It is about a half hour away, but we made it work.

Until now, apparently.

The agency sent us a letter stating that they were closing the location where our services are located, and relocating all services to their main location. Their main location is lovely; it is actually the location I used to work at. It is also about one hour away.

I had been struggling with what to do about our services, largely because I wasn't sure our OT was working out. Plus, the distance was starting to become an issue. I was 'on the fence' about what to do.

But it looks like the decision has been made for us! We just can't travel that far for services. I am really sad because... while I did have some reservations about our OT, overall things were going well and I felt comfortable. They were open to me participating. They know Jonathan... where he has been, what he has accomplished and where he has to go! Our new program of OT for 45 minutes and speech for 30 minute was really looking good. This wasn't really in the game plan for right now.

So now I have to get a new game plan. Do we continue to pursue private speech and OT? Or do we try and maximize our early intervention services and put our focus there? If we continue with the private speech and OT, where do we go? I want the best... the absolute best... for Jonathan. I think we have it in our EI, and I don't want to compromise with anything else! Could I manage to do it on my own? Should we take the summer off? Plus, we have the added issue of our summer services. We may not get to keep Kristin for the summer, so we would have to start fresh with someone new... at least for the summer months.

Ahhh... why can't this be easier?


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cokalea said...

my son Matt (2 1/2yearold) has been attending the MRDD Medina County(where we live) board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Delay. we go there for the Developmental Delay services. he goes there 2 days a week for 2 hours a day. he even rides the bus to "school" so i don't have to use as much gas. while he's there he has ST 30 min every Monday. he has only been there for about 4 months but he has soared. look it up and if you need any more info let me know. my e-mail is


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