Monday, August 9, 2010


J-man is developing something of a fearless streak in him.

Check him out checking out the minnows.

He bravely... almost stoically...  held a bigger fish at the cabin.  He looked it right in the eye. He was most serious. And then set it free.  He picked up a toad.  It jumped up his shirt and he calmly, seriously, and with the eye of a scholar, picked it off, looked at it for the longest time, and then set it back down to hop away.  Same story with an inchworm.  (Note:  they all lived!!  PETA will be so relieved...)

He was afraid of the water at the beach at the beginning of summer.  Now, he heads full force in, and would keep walking in deeper and deeper if his helicopter mom would let him (I won't... he can't swim).

He is climbing up the jungle gym rope ladder with no assistance.  Have I mentioned that he has a serious clumsy streak, can't jump or walk down the stairs unassisted?  Can you say motor planning problems?  And yet, up he goes... giving his helicopter parents a heart attack as we hover below to try and prevent the inevitable head injury or broken bone, should he fall...

The confidence and curiousity is wonderful.

The complete lack of any appreciation of danger... a little nervewracking.


Lynn said...

The video doesn't seem to be working :(
I know the feeling on the fearless stuff....they totally think that they want to do things that they don't have the gross motor skills for. Audrey always is insistent that she wants to climb trees...that's an easier one to handle than monkey bars and pools because I just say "OK, knock yourself out" and she has no idea how to go about it. Then she gets irrationally mad.

Pia said...

Ok, I think I fixed the video... let me know if you can't get it...

Yeah, I want him to do stuff because lets face it, that is the only way he will learn... but ooooohhh, I have to watch him like a hawk. No lounging on the beach watching him play... HA! Oh well, he does have zest for life!


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