Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Sneaky Chef Dons Her Hat

As seen in a Nashville Bookstore
I should have bought it!

I ate two brats for lunch today.

Cheesy brats with the most delicious (white) buns.  And chips, don't forget the chips.  And nary a veggie in sight.  You can probably guess my mood...

But this afternoon, I embark on the beginning of my quest to become a Sneaky Chef.  It will involve a lot of steaming, chopping, and pureeing.  It will, no doubt, be quite an experiment in hilarity.  I shall begin with the Orange Puree, and then try the Green Puree.  You are jealous, I know. 


pixiemama said...

We need to band together and stop this insanity. There's more to life than this. There just has to be.


Will's Mom said...

Mmmmmmmm yummy??? Keep us informed on this insanity, I mean progress.


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