Thursday, August 19, 2010

GEMM Loves IEP Season.

My current mantra

Did I think that we would dodge the craziness that is IEP Season?

Did I think that... somehow... because we had conversations and decisions made in the Spring, that we would dodge the chaos that is Fall Special Ed?

Oh, silly rabbit.... 

About three weeks ago I received a letter letting me know that Jonathan would be attending preschool at our local school.  This was a surprising letter since we had decided to keep him at Jack and Jill for this next year, and receive services there.  I called the school district office and let them know that some kind of error had been made. 

And a Call came today...

Oh, well, their impression was that the case manager felt that J-man needed more service than they can give at his daycare and therefore he was signed up for their program.  We would need to have a meeting to clarify things.  At the start of the school year.  In two weeks.

And what I find most frustrating... most insulting... is that the woman I spoke with doubted what I was telling her.  That I was WRONG.  That I misunderstood the case manager's plans.  That I didn't know what I am talking about. And oh, by the way, that I didn't get to decide...

Green Eyed Monster Momma's time has come again.  Let's get it on!


Anonymous said...

Rotten! And possibly, that woman may be the one who has misunderstood and is not to be believed.

Good luck with this 'season'. Any chance you can contact his service providers - to check their understanding? Barbara

Lynn said...

I don't get that. What kind of preschool class are they talking about where he would get more support? A self-contained autism classroom? Such short notice....awful awful awful. You go monster girl!

Pia said...

Lynn- the other preschool is just the school district one vs the private one we have him in (it is his daycare as well). The lady on the phone is actually wrong... we can get all the service we need where we are at. There is a bias on this person's part on the district pre-school (I have since learned) and frankly, I think she is just plain misinformed.

I shall help educate her. Muuaahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

GEMM -- my moment comes every day when instead of feeling pride when I see him walk into the door for Kindergarten (like those happy Mamas), all I feel is fear.

I hate those happy bitches. (Just, kidding! Kinda.)

Anonymous said...

The IEP is a contract. If a service, a conversation has been recorded inside the IEP, then the district has to provide it. Plain and simple.
The IEP cannot be changed, unless the team meets and you sign consent. If your district randomly changes your IEP services, they are out of compliance of the law and you should consider filling a complaint to the state.


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