Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Brownies with Your Veggies?

It's a three-peat!

The monkey looks happy

Here are the Sneaky Chef Brownies.  After multiple taste-tests by several people, here is the consensus: 

Not bad, not bad at all.  Good even.  Not outstanding, but good.

Most of the taste-testers agreed that the brownies were a little more on the cake-y order.  But they were moist, chocolaty, and no hint that anything good was inside them.  Like the 3/4 cup of Purple Puree!

I did run into a little problem. Now, I used her "Quick Fix for Box Brownies" recipe.  The recipe on the box and the recipe in the book did not exactly match the egg-oil-water mix.  As anyone who bakes knows, you gotta be careful monkeying around with ratios of wet to dry ingredients.  All kinds of chemistry going on there.  I tweaked as best I could, but the cake-y-ness might have been a result of that.  I will have to try another brand, perhaps? 

Plus, add chocolate chips.  There can never be enough chocolate chips..

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