Friday, August 13, 2010

How Headbutts Can Be Good (?)

J-man has started a very bad habit.


Allow me to say that J-man has never, ever been an aggressive kid.  Even if he steals another kid's toy, it is always in the spirit of "Oh, you were holding this?  I didn't notice..."  So the advent of this new and troubling behavior has me a little concerned.  To be honest, J-man's headbutts actually aren't in the aggressive spirit either.  Usually, he is really excited.  He might kiss you one second, and you think he is coming in for another kiss and then.....


And that is what happened to me today.  BANG!  Right on the forehead... and  I saw stars.

The few times this has happened before, I have been able to prevent the collision, tell him no, watch him try and do it again, and wonder about where did this behavior come from (I think TV, but maybe daycare?  Not a lot of headbutting on Sesame Street...).  He typically giggles and laughs when he does this, and seems mystified on why headbutting wouldn't be a good thing. 

This time, he hit hard and I saw stars.  He seemed unphased, but my eyes teared up and ....instead of yelling or correcting or walking away.... I cried.  Big tears, boo-hooing, the whole nine yards. (Actually, I couldn't help it... dang, that hurt!). I covered my eyes as the tears welled up, and J-man moved my hand and looked at my face with this really perplexed look.  I told him that it hurt and mommy was very sad.  His eyes welled up and he put his arms around me for a long, comforting hug.  He patted my back. He sniffed when I sniffed.  He seemed sorry.

So maybe the goose-egg on my forehead has taught J-man a little bit about empathy?

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Lynn said...

It's always a good sign when they recognize and acknowledge your emotions. Audrey has gotten better at this....unlike the early years when I would cry and cry and she would look at me and laugh her head off.


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