Thursday, August 26, 2010

Videos A-Go-Go

Just for fun, some little videos of J-man. 

Here he is, playing mini golf with his cousin. 
As you can see, he plays golf like I play golf.

This is pretty typical play behavior for him.  Not inappropriate, but not exactly engaged.  The paper has a large track drawn on it, along with 'parking spaces' in the center.  I did end up getting a little back and forth play, but only after I put down the camera.  I need a tripod.

And lastly, just cause it is fricken funny.  Hey Grandma, check him out!!  Aren't you proud!?


Lynn said...

He is so cute. OH MY with those markers. I assume they are washable...but I have alot of problems with ones that claim washability that are really hard to get off. It might be a little tattoo-like until he gets like 5 baths!

mommyof6kids said...

Hi, have you ever heard of dysarthria? my 4 yo has it, she too is categorized as severe. her pitch and tone are off also.She also has expressive language delay. There is also apraxia. dysarthria was reserved for stroke victims and children with cerebal palsy and down syndrome. I picked up on it when she was 1 , but I just recently had her DR.finally listen. you can check out , Kennedy Krieger Institute, it has some info about dysarthria. Most Drs. won't acknowledge dysarthria in children, or speech therapists.
You have to be persistent. Have you thought about assistive technology?
I wish you luck, please insist on testing for dysarthria, also watch how he eats and chews, does he take longer to eat? Does he stuff his mouth? My email is: if you would like more info

Pia said...

Actually, I have seen the term but not pursued dysarthria as a potential issue. He has had issues with feeding in the past (pocketing) but that has resolved. However, he is a sloppy eater, and a stuffer. I will ask my SLP about it. She feels that apraxia is a strong component to it (other professionals disagree, but I think that might be an academic/semantic arguement). Apraxia seems right, but it would be interesting to look into this. THANKS!


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