Monday, July 19, 2010

And Off We Go...

Tomorrow we leave for Nashville.  I had a number of interesting, thoughtful things to write about tonight.  But the packing, cleaning, thinking, and planning of the day took the day away from me.  So here I am, writing some simple lines:

Wish us well. 
Keep us in your thoughts.
Hope for answers, whatever they may be.
And most important of all...
Pray we don't become country music converts (oh, the horror!)


I plan to try and keep Blog Blitz going, even in Nashville, but it all depends on whether we have access to the Internet and if I get the time.  But I promise, you will get the scoop when I can get to the computer.


Betsey said...

Good luck Pia. Hope you get the answers you are looking for. It's the unknown that is the worst. I will be thinking about you guys and will be eager to hear an update.


Rebecca Smith-Darner said...

Best wishes! Hope you get the answers you are looking for and they give you peace and some sort of relief. Oh, and country music isn't that bad...just make sure it's "young" country. That old stuff has quite the twang to it.


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