Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Week

One week and counting...

One week until J-man's evaluation at Vanderbilt.

I am both excited and a little nauseous. Hopefully, J-man will do what he normally does. I want him to really talk, to listen, show them his best. But I also want it to be what he really does right now... the good and the bad. My greatest fear is that he does nothing... digs his heals in a just refuses to engage at all. And he could. To be honest, that would be him too.

So soon we will be flying on a jet plane on our own personal quest for answers.

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Will's Mom said...

Good luck on your trip in a few days. Going to Nashville was the best decision we've made regarding Will. Don't worry Steve and Mary have a wonderful way with kids. NOTHING will be forced. The first thing Dr. C said to me was "don't worry even if he won't comply we will be able to get a good idea what's going on. He doesn't have to "perform"." I can't wait to hear what they have to say.


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