Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My hubby has a tattoo.


A three-quarter sleeve tattoo of a dragon which wraps around his right arm.  It is big, it is a little scary, and (IMO) really kinda cool.  He got it around his 40th birthday (his little red corvette?), and when you look at his 6 ft 2 in, goatee wearing, dark and handsome-ness, he looks bad-*ss

(Note:  He is a more of a gentle kitten.  A computer-geek kitten)

Anyway, I walked into the living room yesterday, and what did my eyes behold?

J-man, trying to look like daddy.  Who says he can't imitate???


Anonymous said...

LMBO. Too funny! Maybe he can teach my Jacob how to color...he refuses most art tasks. Btw, love the face work.

kate hopper said...

Okay, this is hilarious. And adorable. And probably irritating to have to clean up. I'm waiting for Stella to request a real tattoo some day, citing her fathers' tattoos as justification. Yikes!


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