Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blog Blitz

This spring I took a writing class called Mother Words, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It really challenged me to carve a bit of time out of my day to try and read or write a little something meaningful.  Writing is a craft, after all, and one that requires time and energy to improve.  While I don't have any great aspirations to write the next Oprah book club bestseller (psst...Oprah, call me..), I would like to be a little less of a hack about it.

In that spirit, I have decided to engage in a writing "blog blitz".  For the next 30 days.... yes 30 days... I will submit a new blog entry, writing about anything and everything.  Now, generally speaking, I do try and keep this blog about the J-man and his exploits.  And no doubt he will remain the central focus.  But please do forgive me if I vary off-topic and fall down the rabbit hole a little.  I might talk about politics, work, my hair, food, or whatever suits my fancy.  I will no doubt get maudlin, romantic, and a little wacky.  'Tis true, it is my nature. 

So, for the next month, forgive my antics.  Give me feedback if you will.  I do love a little banter, and comments make me think you care.  HA!  And don't worry.... I don't think I'll be quitting my "day job" anytime soon (although I am sending out applications).

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