Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friends at the Door

We have good friends visiting this weekend. 

I am excited.  I think my hubby is excited too!  This couple are the ideal friend-fit for us.  Except the fact that they live about 1000 miles away.

I must admit, I kinda suck at making friends. Or rather, making busom friends. You know, friends you really click with, who totally get you and you totally get them.  I do have a few friends like that (I imagine we all do) and this friend is one of them. They moved away a long while ago, and are back in town for a wedding.  The whole family will be staying with us, which means we shall have a full house, no doubt kids and toys everywhere.  And that is just fine with me!

J-man, on the other hand.... well, that I am not sure about.  This weekend will be a good test to see how he does with this much activity.  At my parent's cabin, he has shown that he doesn't really care for the big crowds.  I am thinking it might be better on his "home turf", but we shall see.  Additionally, my friend's son, who is about 6 months older than J-man, also has some developmental delays.  His are of a slightly different ilk, but in many respects the fact that these two boys are both struggling has brought my friend and I closer together I think.  We can relate to each other on a different level.  It is great to have friends like that.

Anyway, BB will continue, but the updates might be smaller and more photo driven.  And I am sure you would prefer that anyway!

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