Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Guest Post on SmartPlay!

Ok, funny story...

A few weeks ago I posted a little video clip of J-man playing the game Zingo! 

Apparently, I caught the eye of the makers of Zingo and received an email from them the next day.  The next day!  How did they do that??   So anyway, when I opened my email and saw the email from ThinkFun (the makers of Zingo), I must confess:  I thought I might be getting some kind of cease-and-desist order or something.  But no!  Apparently they found my little blog (how did they DO that?!) and asked if I would be interested in writing a piece about my feelings about play and games for kiddos with special needs. 

They liked me!  They really really liked me!

Incredibly flattered (and by no means an expert), I said I would do what I could. 

And so, here it is:  All Learners Can Shine Through Play

I'd love to have you check it out and give me some feedback! 


eyal dessou tzafrir said...

Hi Mrs. MOM :-)
I have added a comment on your article.
Very inspiring.

All the best
iMagine machine

Apraxia Mom said...

How awesome is that! Way to go, Mom and J-Man!

Now, can I have your autograph? :-)

Maureen D. said...

Pia- That was a great video of using a game to your advantage. I will have to check out "Zingo." My LT Ryan has extremely thick eyelashes also. (To the point where nurses in the hospital came in to see them when he was born) Very interesting. Also both my boys like my "key-blade keys." Luckily we have both a VW and a one hard to replace key for each of them to play with.

Charlotte Fixler said...

Thrilled to feature you as a guest writer on SmartPlay! Thanks so much for sharing your insight on ways to use game play to encourage your son's cognitive development with other parents, you are an inspiration :)


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