Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Harry Potter Weekend

ABC Family is doing a Harry Potter weekend this weekend. I have always enjoyed the series.  I read all but the last book (gasp!  I know... I have it, but it is big and I just haven't really been able to devote myself to it.).  And the movies... ahh, the movies... I have enjoyed them all. 

But I must admit the series now holds a special place in my heart, and it has ever since I heard that Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter) has a mild form of dyspraxia.  Dyspraxia is a motor planning problem, involving the sequencing of motor movements to perform complex motor tasks.  While most often people acquire this condition as a result of brain damage (e.g. strokes), it can occur in children when there appears to be a malformation or disconnect between the motor areas of the brain and the executive functioning and planning areas of the brain.  In essence, these areas of the brain don't communicate well. 

J-man clearly has motor planning issues, and our developmental pediatrician has mentioned dyspraxia as a possible diagnosis.  While I often spend a great deal of time talking about J-man's language issues, he does also have motor problems, largely gross motor and motor planning.  At 3 1/2 years old, J-man still doesn't jump.  He doesn't walk down stairs with both feet.  He doesn't dress himself independently.  He can't balance on a swing.  He runs with a wide base, and looks a little 'top heavy'.  And he is clumsy, very clumsy.

So I don't know.... I hear about Daniel Radcliff, and I look at what he has accomplished and I think to myself 'he is our people'.  And that just makes me smile and love him a little more.


MommyP said...

Oh, wow! Pia, thanks for posting this. I've often thought my little guy has Dyspraxia - he has a lot of the same gross motor/motor planning issues as J-Man. This has been our summer to work on the getting dressed thing, though, and he's doing pretty well so far!

You know what he's done really well with, though? Swimming! It came really naturally, for some reason. Maybe J-Man would enjoy that!!

Pia said...

Funny you mention swimming... He showed a real fear of water for the first time this summer, but we started taking him several times a week and now he loves it!! He can't actually swim, but he adores going in the water and "swimming" with us! I am thrilled! :)


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